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About GAME

GAME is a non-profit street sports organization that since 2002 has been working to create lasting social change through street sports for children and adolescents. GAME establish innovative facilities and educate young leaders and role models in street sports. GAME is originally founded in Denmark in 2002 and has been an international organization since the establishment of the Lebanese branch in 2007.

GAME Lebanon organizes training and competitions in street basketball, street soccer, street dance and street fit for children across disadvantaged neighborhoods in Lebanon. The young volunteers – called Playmakers – run the practices in the local GAME Zones.

GAME Playmakers
GAME educate local youth from residential areas as GAME Playmakers. The program equips young people to conduct weekly training sessions in street sports and street culture in 12 GAME Zones in Lebanon and 26 GAME Zones in Denmark. GAME Playmakers also acts as role models in their neighbourhoods and are an important part of the social changes GAME is striving for. Read more about Playmaker training here.