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Internship, GAME Lebanon Fall 2019


Intern, GAME Lebanon



August 2019, Internship starts with 1 working week in Copenhagen and Internship continues with 4-6 months in Beirut



The primary focus of the work will be:

  • managing external communications (website, social media, etc.)
  • Assist in Activities planning and implementing
  • fundraising
  • documenting and evaluating the activities

The implementation will be done in close partnership with GAME’s team in Lebanon. Besides the above listed, it will include field work in relation to the activities and events as well as ad hoc work at the GAME office in Beirut, Lebanon.

Under the direction of GAME’s Country Director, the goal will be to deliver the expected outputs and outcomes as stated in different projects



The working hours are 37 hours per week. Some work will take place on weekends during events and training seminars for the volunteers. These hours will be counterbalanced by time off in the following week. The Intern is entitled to 2,08 vacation days per working month. The vacation should be arranged and held in a manner where it takes GAME’s daily operations and the interest of the Intern into consideration.



The internship is unpaid. GAME will finance insurance and expenses to an Arabic course at Saifi Language Institute in Beirut. The intern will have to finance all other costs, incl. airfare, local transportation, accommodation, food, etc.


Apply Now (Upload CV and Motivational Letter in PDF file format)