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Name: Abbass Fahs

Age:  40

Role in GAME: GAME Zone Manager

GAME Zone: Ansar

Abbass is a great sport enthusiast. He loves all kind of sport and works as a Physical Education teacher at a high school close to Nabatieh and as a Zone Manager for GAME who organizes the weekly training in his GAME Zone and is responsible for the communication with the Playmakers in the area.

When he was younger he played high level football in his community. Today he is focusing more on his family. Every Saturday he brings his two kids to the new outdoor courts to play with the children in Ansar. Luckily, they love practicing football and basketball as well, and they are just as excited as he is to go there. We meet him during the training in Ansar and with a great smile on his lip he tells how much he loves to be here with all the kids and the talented Playmakers.

How many years have you been a Zone Manager?

I have been a Zone Manager for four years. Three years in Nabatieh and one year in Ansar.

Why did you become a Zone Manager?

One of my friends heard about GAME. He knew that I am a Physical Education teacher. He told me that GAME was looking for new Zone Managers. I really loved the idea about doing something for the kids and get some new experience. Therefore, I went to Beirut with my friend where we watched the Playmakers and I trained with them a couple of times.

What motivates you about this work?

The people here are so friendly. There is much respect about our work here in Ansar and the people tell me that they really like what we’re am doing. Mainly because this activity is very special because there are no other such activities in this area as it is very expensive here in Lebanon to be a member of a sport academy. The parents often come here and we talk about their children and their development.

Furthermore, the association GAME has so many good people like Ibrahim Hourani and Raed Bayrakdar, and the communication with Ibrahim Hourani is really good and he has a lot of confidence in me.

In Ansar, there is a big number of refugees. What is your experience about that?

About 30 % of the children here are refugees from Syria. But the situation in the area is very good and they really feel happy together with us. Unfortunately, these children and their families don’t have that much money and therefore they can’t play at the other sport academies because it is too expensive for them. But our trainings are free so they get a chance to play. I love the idea about doing something good for these children.

What does sport mean to you personally?

Sport is my life. Everything is about sport. I have always played a lot of football and I know the rules for every sport like basketball, handball, ping pong, futsal and so on. When I was a kid I played football everywhere. In the garden, in school, on the road. If there was I ball I played with it. But now I have children, and a wife and much responsibility. Though, I am still training futsal in the evenings. Last week an instructor came from Iran to teach us the new rules of futsal. He was here for five days and we practiced very hard together, did the Cuba Test and so on.

What has been the best experience for you here in GAME?

Every Saturday are the best. I love to be here and play with the children. It makes me very happy. Last week we brought 60 kids to the GAME Finals in Beirut and they were so excited about it. On our way home, they asked me if we could do it again soon. They were so happy and I told them, inshallah, we can do it again.