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Tuesday den 19. February, 2019

GAME Playmaker Camp 2019

As part of its mission to create sustainable social stability through Street sports, GAME Lebanon organized an intensive training session …


Monday den 18. February, 2019

Playmaker Camp 2019

  The Playmaker Camp is a one-day seminar where young people are trained as street sports coaches and role models. …


Saturday den 15. September, 2018

GAME Lebanon wins the Beyond Sport Global Award

Selected from 400 entries covering more than 50 sports, GAME Lebanon was one of 35 organizations which represented the most …


Friday den 31. August, 2018

GAME Finals Beirut 2018

An unusual nice scenery stopped everyone passing by Beirut Municipality Courts, Korniche El Naher on August 19, 2018. The playgrounds …


Monday den 27. August, 2018

GAME Lebanon officially shortlisted for Beyond Sport Global Awards!

GAME Lebanon has been shortlisted for the 2018 Beyond Sport Global Awards in the Innovation and Tech category for the campaign “Looking For …