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GAME Bourj El Barajneh

The GAME Zone in Bourj el Barajneh is located in the TMS sportsground and practice in Street Basketball is running every Friday from 4 pm to 6 pm. 

GAME has talented and inspiring Playmakers to arrange weekly practices in Street Basketball.

Come and join us! There is no need to sign up, and no payment – the practice is free for all!

Do you want to be a Playmaker?
We are always on the look out for new energetic youth leaders and instructors in Street Basket, Street Dance, Street Football, Street Fit and Roller Derby.

As a Playmaker you will be a part of a team arranging street sports and events for kids and youth. You will make a huge difference for the kids in a less advantaged neighbourhood.

All Playmakers recieve a free Playmaker-education. This education will prepare you to participate in social, volunteer work. Click here to see more about how to become a Playmaker.




4 pm  - 6 pm
Basketball practice All ages from 7 to 16