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19/10-2017Looking for a Place to Dream

GAME Lebanon is very proud to launch the new campaign ’Looking for a Place to Dream’, which aims at finding more public spaces to play sport in Lebanon. The idea for the campaign was conceived at a Playmaker Camp last year, as the need for more sport places accessible for everyone is very present in Lebanon.

In Beirut, public spaces make up only 0.5 % of the city, which is a very small percentage compared to 15-20 % which are recommended by the UN Habitat’s Global Urban Observatories Unit. This creates a democratic challenge, as public spaces are viable places for the diverse public to meet across differences. Furthermore, obesity is a rising problem in Lebanon and experts are predicting that if the problem with obesity continues, 29 percent of pre-schoolers in Lebanon will be obese in 2021. One of the ways to break the escalating obesity is to make sport accessible for everyone.

Therefore, the goal of the campaign ‘Looking for a Place to Dream’ is to create awareness about this lack of public spaces to play sport in Beirut and in Lebanon in general – and help change it!

The campaign consists of different actions, such as:

The app ‘GAME Dream’: 
With the ’GAME Dream’ app, you can upload photos with sport emoji’s, turning boring and unused locations into active courts where you would like to play – and dream. You can help us find places to dream and share on your Facebook page. During the campaign, the best street sport places will be found – and rewarded – and hopefully they will turn into actually places where you can play street sport.

Looking for a Place to Dream Video: 
Watch our campaign video with one of GAME Lebanon’s amazing Playmakers. In the video, we put a focus on the great lack of public spaces to play sport, as she is not able to shoot a ball without hitting a car. Check it out here.

Follow the campaign on Facebook where you can get updates on the campaign, help contribute to the work, join competitions and win awesome prices – and much more!