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19/10-2017A reception at the Ambassador’s residence

On Thursday September 28th 2017, the Ambassador of Denmark to Lebanon H.E. Svend Waever held a great reception in his residence in Beirut on the occasion of the Danish NGO GAME’s strategic seminar in Lebanon.

The reception, which was held in a cordial atmosphere, was attended by the Danish ambassador to Lebanon and representatives of several governmental and non-governmental organizations in Lebanon all of whom expressed their willingness to continue their efforts to promoting friendly relationship and cooperation with GAME.

The Ambassador opened the reception by welcoming the audience, and thanking them for their attendance, and expressing his encouragement to Game. Mr. Waever Speech was followed by a speech for the co-founder and CEO of Game Mr. Simon Prahm, who thanked the audience for their cooperation with game for the past years and stressed the importance of their presence beside GAME.

The reception was attended by representatives from GAME, the Danish Refugee Council, the Danish embassy in Lebanon, EU, Ministry of Education, Ministry of youth and sports, Beirut Municipality and Council, Ghoubeiry Municipality, Ansar Municipality, Chiah Municipality,  HETC org., Mubaderoon  NGO, DLBA, Basmeh&Zeitouneh, , Novo Nordisk. It also included gifts and donation that has been given to Game Lebanon by  Arla, St. Tropez, PANDORA, Skat Store, Moussallem Group and Pilgrim Jewellery, in addition to shields of appreciation awarded by game on the occasion of its ten years anniversary in Lebanon.