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With the project ’Youth-led Street Sport for All’ starting in 2018 drawing from experiences made in a similar project with this year, GAME Lebanon will create social inclusion for children and youth with refugee background and the Lebanese hosting communities.

Through the project, young people with different social and religious backgrounds will be trained as volunteer street sports instructors and role models, who will coach and coordinate weekly street sport activities for children and young people with both Lebanese and refugee background in their local areas. The children and young people participating in the practices will acquire important life-skills and have their living conditions improved through the street sport. From the weekly street sport practices, Syrian refugees and young Lebanese will get an opportunity to get to know each other and collaborate side by side, which will create understanding and dialogue among them. Therefore, street sport is an effective tool to fight tendencies of fear, intolerance, gender inequality and discriminating behaviour at an early stage.

The project is made possible with funding from the Danish foundation Erik Thunes Legat. Read about the foundation here: https://thunelegat.dk/.