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About GAME Playmakers
In GAME we call our volunteers ‘Playmakers’ and they are the single most important part of GAME. Nothing less. It is the Playmakers that make the daily difference for the children and youth in our GAME Zones, by planning and carrying out the Street sports practices.

When you are a Playmaker you will participate in our Playmaker Camp that runs every year. Apart from that, you play a central role in the activities in your local GAME Zone. On every Playmaker Camp, you will meet like-minded youth from the whole country and you will be given the opportunity to strengthen your skills. You will be trained as a coach in a sport after your choice, and you will be educated on how to organize the practices.

Through the years GAME Lebanon has had some fantastic Playmakers involved. Watch this video where Haninie explains what GAME has meant for her.

Playmaker Education
The Education is an offer from GAME. It is an offer to you who wants to make a difference for the local children and youth in your neighborhood. When joining the Playmaker program you will get experience with voluntary social work, and you will get the chance to put your own touch on the street activities in your neighborhood. And of course, you will get to join a fantastic community of young like-minded street sports enthusiasts.

The education is free. You will get a diploma – a Playmaker Certificate – when you have joined your first Playmaker Camp and participated in your GAME Zone for a year.

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